VidNeos video-seo soft review: Vidneos could rank videos automatically!

Everybody is talking about video marketing right now, as your potential buyers love a good visual appeal. But let’s be honest: using tons of complicated softs and services to move through your long, long to-do list of unpleasant and challenging works is too intimidated and will only cost you a lot of money. It is hard to be a jack-of-all-trades.
So do you wish there is a no-brainer solution to all those issues, for a fraction of that huge cost? Fortunately, yes! From the creators of AKBoosterPro comes the fantastic VidNeos. It is the all-in-one easy to use Video marketing application which will do all those messy works on Google and YouTube for you.

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VidNeos is an Adobe Air based application that can operate on both Mac and PC. It is by far the ONLY software that can research, analyse, rank, and build videos all in one. It has become so hot on the market at the present and has already score the favourite of 1000s. Yes, that’s true! VidNeos is big now and people love it!

VidNeos is not only an average video creation program that can create stunning high quality videos, with custom voiceovers, background jingle music, HD images and more, it is also THE video creation software that comes with lots of magic.


You can easily research like a pro! You can find a new niche or research on the market and your niche. Thanks to their proprietary Tested & Proven M8 Algorithms for Research, VidNeos can do a extreme and intensive analysis to make the most elaborated and accurate research data available to you, in just a mouse click. It even has the awe-inspiring ability to look around for and summarize hot, trending stories from around the web, in order to propose the concept of your next viral video.

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Your video will get its first rank it deserves on both YouTube and Google with VidNeos’ help! This is the first program on the market which could perform a deep video niche analysis and give you review and rank how good your keyword/niche is, on both YouTube and Google. VidNeos can suggest how to make special optimization to the title, tags, description, and more of your videos thanks to its ability of performing deep, intensive analysis.. Even more, VidNeos performs the outstanding competition analysis on the market, with detail and accuracy, including the number of keywords in description, number of comments, and more, on both YouTube and Google. It can even be able to spy on the high ranking videos and snatch the good tags they are using. All neccessary weapons for the #1 rank of your video!

Moreover, VidNeos can automatically build backlinks to your videos (or even your websites as well) thanks to its built-in BACKLINKing ability, which is the one and only on the market. It can quickly find related, high PR Do follow comments and guest post opportunities.

All those great attributes above come together in an friendly-using user interface, with red, yellow, orange and green color coded date. The user interface is color-coded which offers an user-friendly way to see through the data more quickly, clearly and intuitively in order to make the best decisions. In a word, easy as a ‘KISS’!

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A lot of people has grabbed VidNeos, and so far they have been setting it up, assessing and optimizing their videos, discovering new niches, inspecting and spying on their rivals… just easy as 1-2-3, and it gives fantastic result! Honestly, even a 10 year old can dominateany niche by videos using this app!

If you haven’t obtain it – VidNeos – the trending, all-in-one video marketing app, you gotta buy it today, as this is your last chance to take their offer of (gasp) 81% discount of this app. You can get this app at a affordable price of $37 for now instead of a relatively huge price of $197 after the next 48 hours. Time is running out!

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